Demand Side Platform

Smooth way of programmatic advertising


Splicky is integrated with a number of Real-Time Advertising (RTA)
exchanges, third-party tracking and rich media providers.

RTB sources

Data providers

Rich media provider

Tracking partners

How can programmatic multiscreen advertising benefit your campaigns?

Our technology makes it simple to buy ad impressions or clicks on Mobile, DOOH screens, and CTVs - in real-time.

By taking into account multiple targeting parameters, Splicky helps to optimize your spend, thus enabling advertisers to bid only on impressions which match their targeting requirements using programmatic buying techniques.

Accompany the user through their day - Splicky offers the opportunity to reach the user in various life situations and thereby improves the reach, contact frequency and efficiency of campaigns.

Splicky opens up a whole new dimension of multiscreen marketing due to it’s Real-Time Advertising (RTA) Technology based on elaborated algorithms & targetings that allows you drive maximum results with programmatic buying.

Within a matter of seconds, your ad campaigns can be displayed on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. Our platform allows you to target on individual Mobile Sites and Apps, or out-of-home screens giving you total control at campaign management-level.

Full insights

Our detailed analysis gives you full insights on campaign
performance enabling you to maximize your ROI.

Targeting options

Re-targeting with RTB

Re-engage existing users or actively acquire new users using our
positive and negative re-targeting technology.

Algorithm and programmatic technology



Gain a better insight and understanding with your ad campaigns with pricing, performance, analytics and reporting.


Now you can truly scale your campaigns worldwide and access multiple inventory sources with just one platform using Splicky proprietary technology.


Decide on your maximum bid at impression (CPM) or click (CPC) level along with advanced targeting, giving you total freedom, control and flexibility to maximize the performance of every impression and click delivered.

Dedicated to mobile – compared with common RTA systems in the online sector, our algorithms for campaign optimization differ in the priorities they set in the decision to buy inventory.

In particular, technical data points, such as the device model and it’s operating system, as well as location and time data, are more intelligently weighted, thereby enabling precise addressing of target audiences.



With Splicky, Jaduda consistently pursue the vision of a higher degree of automation and more transparency in digital marketing

With the ability to purchase traffic on dedicated mobile websites, apps, CTV & DOOH screens at a cost-effective rate, you as the advertiser are in complete control of your ad campaigns.

Whether you are an ad agency, brand-focused advertiser, a mobile marketing firm, a local business or an independent developer, if you are looking to drive targeted users to your product or service, Splicky is designed for your needs.


Our Multiscreen Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables you as the agency to manage your clients targeted and effective advertising campaigns in real-time with complete transparency.

Buy mobile, DOOH, or CTV advertising space on different exchanges through one platform in real-time with full transparency on each placement.



Splicky is a trading name of Jaduda GmbH, a Goldbach Group company.

The mobile advertising industry has seen many significant changes with demand and requirements from both advertisers and publishers growing at an advanced rate.

With our experience, expertise and proprietary technology, we have managed to simplify the mobile advertising marketplace for the advertiser by offering one platform with access to multiple mobile and DOOH ad exchanges. As part of our growing services, we have introduced our proprietary self-service platform.

Jaduda GmbH founded in 2009 is a full-service provider for mobile marketing and provides a one-stop services from the concept to the creation of landing pages and banners up to the modulation and analysis of complex marketing campaigns in the mobile channel.

Goldbach Group

The companies of Goldbach Group promote and convey advertising in private electronic media with focus on TV, radio, digital out of home, online, search engine and mobile marketing. The Goldbach Group is headquartered in Switzerland and is active in the DACH region.

Leadership Team

Sven Ruppert


Brendon Mausolf


Roman Brunnemann