Frequently Asked Questions

Is Splicky right for me?

Splicky is right for you if you:
  • Want programmatic access to multiple mobile inventory sources with just one platform
  • Want a unique level of flexibility in pricing, targeting and reporting
  • Want to target and buy only those impressions that drive campaign success
  • Want to run global mobile campaigns

Is Splicky an ad network?

No, Splicky is not an ad network. Splicky is the new mobile Demand Site Platform. In contrast to ad networks that simply rotate between different publishers, Splicky gives you access to ad networks and ad exchanges with a single account and allows you to manage your intelligent Real-Time Advertising campaigns.
We help you allocate & control your mobile budgets and optimize your campaigns to drive results. We work with the top-tier ad networks and are complementary to them.


Splicky extends the ad serving concept of placing ads on websites to mobile apps and websites and our Real-Time Bidding capabilities allow for programmatic access to a huge number of inventory sources by leveraging Real-Time Advertising (RTA) technology.
Impressions are not bought on fixed sites. Instead, placements and ads to show are selected based on information present in the request. Splicky places a bid on every single impression based on your preferences and the findings of our algorithm. So Splicky not only serves ads but monitors, analyizes and optimizes your advertising campaigns in real-time.

What Targetings does Splicky support?

Splicky supports Carrier, Mobile Device, OS, Geographic, Mobile Site and App targeting. Get your own account and find out more.

How are payments handled?

Our model allows you to manage your budgets and account deposit independently. Top up your account balance, define and adjust campaigns budgets and bid prices as needed.

Do I need to pay a fee for my Splicky Account?

For your Splicky account and our standard support service you do not have to pay a fee. We offer Splicky Premier for customers who want to exceed the standard support service

How do I REGISTER for Splicky?

Just choose “Register” to create a Splicky account and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.